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The Political Process : your leaders are only as good as the average people who vote for them.

“You have no right to do that!” I yelled back.

            “I have the right of superiority,” he said as if talking to a little child.

            “Superiority? What kind of crap is that?”

“Superiority is the primary human concept that regulates how you behave,” he patiently explained to me as if I should have known all about it. “It’s like when you take a cat and spay her because she got pregnant once too often or eat a cheeseburger but find it morally wrong to eat a dog burger. Only superior people can comprehend the difference. It’s like when one country invades another country so they can bring the better life to that county and correct less than superior thinking. They do this by killing a lot of bad people with the shock and awe of smart weapons. Good people also get killed but only within acceptable losses, which only a superior being can determine.” Did I really need an alien to tell me that some people think they are their brother’s keeper?

            “Of course, if you have superiority but lack moral superiority, ugly things happen,” he said.
from Past Twilight


Spring 2011

Twitter Point: Just about everyone has a group to represent them, except for the majority of voters who simply want a government that will tax fairly and distribute tax money that will benefit the many and not just the few.  If you are a citizen of this country, then you need to put your money and time into an organization that represents your interests.

   The political process is always about superiority. Naturally, both conservatives and liberals claim they have it and their opponents not only don't have it, but are morons bent on destroying our beloved country. Both sides have become so blinded that they can't see there is a need for both conservative and liberal thinking in this country.  Politically, I define myself as a liberal-conservative.
   Unfortunately, we don't have a liberal-conservative party. But if someone actually questioned the people in this country and got beyond political talking points into specific things our citizens expect from our elected officials a lot of people would be calling themselves liberal-conservative.  For example, as a liberal I believe that in a country as rich as America, everybody should have a right to some basic health care, especially preventive health care. Our present system where some people get filthy rich on your misfortune is wrong. Yes, I said it, wrong, yes it is wrong and shameful. Going to an emergency room when you are sick and can't afford basic health insurance shouldn't be the basis for a good health care system.  If I get sick, I want a place to go for answers to my health problem.
No damn dinky tax break is going to help me when I get sick.  

   As a conservative I believe we have to audit the people who run our health care system. As a law and order conservative, I would want more people to investigate people who try to use the system to become filthy rich or use the system to scam money from the government and as a way of not paying what they owe. People who are always starting frivolous lawsuits as opposed to needed lawsuits should be punished. Someone who has instigated dozens of lawsuits that are found without merit has gone beyond aggrieved to totally nuts.  I believe there has to be a limit on how much we(the government) spend on any single person for health care. In short, if it cost millions to keep me alive and thus preventing others from basic health care than I am prepared to bite the bullet and let nature take its course. I don't want someone, on my behalf, doing a soapy cable interview about how I would still be alive if only the government spent several million dollars to keep me alive.

   In this country, we have many different groups lobbying the government about what they think is best for the country. And from time to time some group get a victory.  However, if you have read my piece on the rich, then you know which group I think gets the most victories and defines more than any other group which direction this country is headed.  

   In this country, the only way to put a restraint on the excesses of the rich is through the political system. We elect candidate A because he promises to run an honest government and do things that reflect our values. Well, to quote Sarah Palin: 'How's that working out.' This is the main problem for candidate A. How can he or she curve the excesses of the rich if they are always asking the rich for campaign funds.

   The only answer to the rich is for more people to not only vote but to pay attention to the political process.  The rich can afford to hire the brightest minds to conceal what they are doing. Have you ever heard a rich person say that he was giving several thousand dollars to Senator X so that the Senator can help him increase his profits for the next several years? Of course, you haven't, any rich person doing that wouldn't stay rich. No politician worthy of the name politician would ever admit that some rich person influenced his or her vote. In politics, the truth won't set you free. It will only get you off the free lunch program run by the rich and the politicians who pass laws benefiting the privileged.

    As far as I can see the rich, mostly like Republicans, although when it suits them, they have no problem throwing money at the Democrats. Both parties are afraid of the rich more than they are afraid of the voters.  They know that most of the time they can BS the average citizen because enough(enough to get them re-elected) of them don't vote and when they do they are either too stupid or lazy to comprehend the impact elected officials have on their lives. Many of them just vote for the best-looking  candidate unless that candidate is to pretty. Most of them get their voter information from political ads.  How many of our citizens again voted for Bush Jr. after he mishandled the Afghan war by letting the leaders of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban get away because he only put in enough troops to win battles, but never enough to achieve the overall objective he sold to the American people: get the leaders and put Al-Qaeda and the Taliban out of business. How many Americans who voted for him, understood he got a lot of Americans killed or had their lives, and the lives of their families messed up for nothing because of his invasion of Iraq.  Yes Saddam Hussein was a real scum bag that deserved everything he finally got. But was the price we paid in lives and money worth it.  What did the average citizen get out of Bush's little adventure in Iraq? What did the average citizen get out of Bush's tax cuts for the rich? What happened to all those great jobs that the rich were going to create for us 'little people'?  

   One thing I have observed in all organizations, and government is one big organization on many levels, is that only a few people are involved in the running of the organization. What do the rest of us do aside from complaining to each other: pretty much nothing. Another thing I have noticed is that the people who control the flow of information - pretty much control the decisions that will be made in the organizations and guarantee who is going to do better than the other members of that organization or the people the organizations serve. Yes, your elected representatives are all part of an organization.  All of this goes on a predetermined path until something really bad happens. At that point, the S***** hits the fan. This is when 'the little people' realize they have been fed a bunch or bull. This is when the more political astute realize if is time to throw out the old politicians and take their place. Of course, the rich don't have a problem when this happens: lackeys can always be replaced.

  Therefore, us 'the little people' if we want to change how our government is run have to get more involved in who we put into office. The rich have no problem getting involved either by their corporations or through organizations they create. Some of these organizations have great-sounding  names like FreedomWorks or National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. Sounds like something that average citizens or left-leaning  lawyers would create. If I tell you, these organizations are funded by the rich for the rich you probably wouldn't believe me. And trade organizations, unions, retired people and people who think that their lives would be in danger if they couldn't bring their assault weapons to the local mall all have their own organizations. But what about the average citizen who wants to support honest politicians and needs a way to find out if the things he or she considers important is important to the politician they have elected - they are still waiting for their organisation.

   Before you as a citizen can vote for a politician, you need to know what you want your government to do for you.  Basically, you need to write down a list of things that you consider important.  You should have at least 10 things to write down in areas such as education, health, union, trade, criminal justice, illegal aliens, invading countries, social security, budget issues, etc. You need to take a specific position on each issue. This list when tallied with other lists could be any number depending on how many citizens you can get to agree on the entire list. For example my list may certainly upset some people. I would have to decide which parts of my list, I can see deleted before I can support an organization that reflects my views on what type of government I want.  

    Once you have made out your list you need to join an organization that reflects your views. In addition, your organization needs a way of keeping score on all the votes every politician, at least our national politicians, makes. This organization should provide plenty of feed back(at least a weekly email) on what your political leaders are doing and a good discussion of all the political issues you need to know about.  With today's technology, it is easy to send an email to your leaders or if that is too much you can vote for or against, just life in face book, your leaders decisions. Maybe when a leader is defriended enough, that might be a clue for them to shape up or be shipped out. Naturally, it costs money and time to do this and you the voter are going to have to get off your ass and put your money where your mouth is, and pay dues to support this type of organizations. If you are making more than $20,000, a year and can't find $70 to $100 to support such an organization that will help make this country live up to its ideals, then shame on you.

   This organization is much different than your local or national Republican or Democratic organization. All they care about is getting money from you and saying nasty things about the other side. If both sides were telling the truth, no one would get elected because all the candidates would be in the slammer.

Technology is moving at a rapid pace. I would suggest that such an organization that can verify the truthoods or falsehoods of Federal, State and local politicians may soon become a reality. Already you can find websites like http://www.politifact.com/ where they check up on national politicians and even chain email letters with their famous Truth -O - Meter. Other sites such as Wastington Post FactChecker and FactCheck.org also check up on facts. What I am suggesting is we need to take fact checking to a much broader level. For example, the FBI gets its' criminal stats from state, local and other law enforcement organizations. What if at least one newspaper in every county in the United States had a fact checking unit, that they could send fact checking info to the type of organization I have mentioned in one of the above paragraphs? This organization could then email once a week information about the politicians in each member's area. Each member would receive only information that is relevant to their state and area in addition to the usual national information about their politicians. Would you like to know if that grand sounding statement by your politician is BS or the truth?

  I would further suggest that once you find an organization that represents what you expect from your government, that you don't waste your money sending it to either parties. Take your cue from companies like Walmart. Buy in bulk, so you can get the best deal. The more money and votes that your organization can muster, the more things on your list will get accomplished.

   The last thing you can do is really listen to what a political person is saying when they are interviewed. When an interviewer asks the question, does the political person actually answer the question or does he or she shout out some political talking points against the opposition. Political talking points are things said that sound good but have no specifics to them.(For a politician, specific things said are things that can embarrass them later  and may cost them an election.) Talking points always shine the light on the people the politician is fighting.  I can tell you from my experience in law enforcement that when a suspect doesn't answer the question by giving an evasive answer or changing the subject, he or she is hiding something. The same could be said for anyone else. If the political person correctly answers the question, you need to ask  - who is going to benefit if some law is passed based on the answer the political person has given. If it's rich people, and you aren't rich than maybe you should find another political person or group to vote for.

   It all comes down to one thing. You get the type of political leadership you deserve. Look at any county in the world, when the people are involved, the country is always a better place to live. Unfortunately, the rich and those who want to accumulate power may create a country where only another country like the United States can free them. Someday, your children may not have the opportunity to get the country they deserve. Who will save them if not us, if not now?

Please let your elected officials know how you feel. Copy and paste your Comments on to their web pages.  




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Political Junk
Jack from Ocean Beach
I think people who have been elected to a government office should dress like race car drivers. All the rich people who have contributed to their campains should have their owb patch on the pol's jackets. That way the average voters can undersand pretty quickly who is important and who is not important to each politician.
Posted at 7:30:pm 02/27/12
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