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 Summer 2011 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award winner.

Best Book Award in the category of Thriller


Thriller Novel HemingwayA novel by Richard C Hemingway: Mainstream fiction stirred with Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Action/Adventure and more than a smidgen of Science Fiction and Humor. And yes, all served up by a hard boiled detective.

But a novel should be more than the above. After you have read Past Twilight ask yourself the following questions. What am I going to do to add value to my life? What about the people who are close to me: do they add positive or negative value? Other issues such as religion and the foolish nature of racism may also
  "Hemingway is a gifted storyteller. He brings to his work the observational and investigative skills and ability to read subtle body language that he learned during his nearly twenty years of experience as a New York State Peacekeeper. Such skills allow him to convey much with little and move his story forward with a character’s gesture or glance."
Kristine Morris ForeWord Clarion Review 
 Review Cont.

"Occupying the sparsely populated genre of science-fiction noir, Hemingway’s debut blends the extraterrestrial with the classic tale of the one that got away."
 Kirkus Reviews

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 "Hemingway is a very talented writer. Past Twilight is a fast-paced read that will keep you turning the pages."

Rickey Bay author of Rendezvous Rock

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 "The writing here is smooth and hums with this author's passion for telling an exciting, fanciful tale. The book is well structured in the way it confronts and grapples with a host of social and cultural issues while delivering a character-driven tale of suspense, leading up to a provocative conclusion. The fantastic elements are well integrated. The narrator and the other characters, both the heroes and the villians, are, individually and collectively, certainly strong enough to carry this narrative, which prompts the reader's interest in always wanting to know what will happen next. This book is a thoroughly enjoyable read."
Recognition from Judge 43, Writer's Digest 19th Annual writer's award contest.

 My body felt numb. My little world slowly ebbed out of my body to some other beyond. The reality of who I had been, at least the mental part, was exiting with no fanfare or regrets from my body. The alien looked down at me and started to speak. Maybe he will tell me who Rosebud was, who killed Roger Rabbit, did OJ really do it? Did... 

“Find the mother and father and you will find your answers,” he whispered.

   Everyone knows but usually chooses to forget the following simple truths about life. We live in the present but must plan for the future and must understand that everything we do is shaped by the past. If we must change the future, we have to change the present. Sometimes we need help in changing the present because we have given up on the future. This is where you will find the main character of my novel as chapter 2 begins. 

  My novel has nothing to do with vampires or Jersey Shore reality programs on a collision course going nowhere. It is a story that has two men obsessed with the same woman. One wants to save her the other may be the one who wants to kill her again, yes this is one of those novels where someone goes back in time. 

  Have you ever experienced something years ago that you regretted doing or regretted not doing? Has that something revisited you over the years and made you wonder what would I do, if I get a second chance to make things right? 'Past Twilight' up's the intensity on getting a second chance and takes the main character after he has unraveled a twisted mess of bad relationships close to the point of no return. What is he going to do? Read and find out.

   Most of the action, including a brutal Hurricane and fight scene that takes place in a rundown bar hotel that splits apart during the hurricane, takes place on the Jersey Shore during the 70s. Mature readers who liked to 'party' at the shore should read it just to see if they can figure out which town served as the base of the novel. Some may want to see if my memories of the bar scene in this town match their memories. Bits and pieces of the interesting people who made this town so appealing are etched in the novel. Recognize someone you know? All the regular suspects are there for you to check out.

   Even if you didn't 'party' at the shore during the 70s, you probably had some favorite bar that was the center of your social scene at one point in your life.

   My novel is a lot longer than a detective novel where you have a closed environment of the sharp and savvy detective, leading lady, some victims and everyone else is a suspect. This is because 'Past Twilight' takes you on a journey played against the background of the 70s.  A dangerous journey for the main character to try to find purpose in his life, prevent a murder, and also come to terms with the four types of women that a man gets interested in:

  1. The most beautiful woman you will ever meet in your life. You put her on a pedestal, but is she life partner material.
  2. The best sex you have ever had. If it was only about sex, she would be the one.
  3. The total bitch that looks hot and knows how to push all your buttons. You know she is bad, but you keep falling for all the little traps she has laid for you.

   The first three types you get to meet in this novel: The last and final type you get to meet in the second novel. I don't know if I am going to write the 2nd. novel.  I do have a plot for the second novel but I am not the type of person who writes just to write. If I can't find an audience for what I write than I am simply wasting my time, not only in writing the novel but also marketing the novel. That is the major reason why I am offering a refund on the price of my novel in return for a review. I need to know if I should close the book on this chapter of my life.

   I used The Maltese Falcon, Lord of the Rings, Casablanca and The Count of Monte Cristo for inspiration on how I wanted to shape my plot and work the various themes and ideas into my novel. A novel should be more than what happens to the different characters in the novel. If a novel exposes you to new ways at looking at life and has a good story and characters you can believe and get interested in - then the novel is worth more than you paid for it.

  My novel is available on Amazon: See below special   Best choice when you are buying more than $25 worth of products and can take advantage of super saver mailing deals. If you want to get a better feel for my writing style: on my Amazon home page, put your cursor over the 'for a closer look, on top of the book's cover.  Click on the Surprise Me! link. My first chapter sets up the plot for the novel and clearly shows who are the good and bad guys and girls, but this chapter is pretty much standard stuff. From the second chapter on you get a better feel for my quirky style of writing. Yes, I know, not for everybody.

Paperback: 376 pages
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 9X6X0.8 inches

Preview:  A preview of the first chapter is available at my create space account. The first chapter sets up the relationships and the plot for the rest of the novel.

After you have read the novel, I hope you will consider having a custom portrait made and begin your journey into the forth dimension of your personality.

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  Full refund on novel!

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*Refund will only be given in return for a review that you write on my Past Twilight Amazon page. Reviews are important to a writer and are greatly appreciated because they tell a writer what is good and what needs to be improved with their novel. Refund does not include cost of mailing novel.









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